Investor Event

Where Investors Meet Founders

September 26 at 6:00 pm, Papiersaal Zurich

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200 Investors

Meet and connect with experienced investors from all over Europe.


Expert Panels

Learn from the experts what it means to live in a tokenized world.


10 Companies

Founders of RealUnit, Alan Frei, Parkn'sleep and many more are waiting to get to know you.

Companies' Pitches:

Why Investor Event?


Relying on the best technology is only the first step when it comes to getting ahead of the competition. Because how would anybody know that your company offers shares to the public? 

We have the answer: the Aktionariat Investor Event!

Our event makes it easy to:

✅ pitch a business idea 

✅ find new investors and employees

✅ connect with fellow investors and founders in one place. 

The Aktionariat Investor Event is the place where investors meet founders.  

Can you imagine that somebody has tokenized themselves, so now you can invest in their future ventures? 

Meet Alan Frei at the Investor Event: Lifehacker, Entreprenuer, and Future Olympic Curler. 

Join Alan Frei, an entrepreneur known for the success of Amorana. He exited his company in 2022. Afterward, he founded the Alan Frei Company building a direct to consumer brand built on content and community.

Alan Frei is a pioneer of self-tokenization. Investors will be able to participate in his next venture - Alan Frei Company. While breaking oneself into blockchain blocks isn't feasible, Alan's approach is inventive. You have an amazing opportunity to meet him at the Investor Event where Alan will uncover his tokenization journey and future plans 💡

Furthermore, you will have a chance to be the one among Alan's first investors!


HubSpot Video

Exciting Companies, Tokenization Experts and Food for Thought

Finding new investment opportunities isn’t easy.

Unless, of course, they’re all gathered in one place. Which is exactly what we strive to do at our annual investor event. Our goal is to bring together investors and promising companies with an exciting future.

These companies are hand-selected and invited to pitch their business model.

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17:30 - Door Opening

18:00 - Welcome Speech by Nicola Plain, CEO of Aktionariat 

18:10 - Presentation Block #1 

18:50 - Panel Discussion 

19:15 - Presentation Block #2 

19:30 - Networking & Apéro




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