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Private equity is booming

Private equity refers to privately owned companies. This means that their shares are not traded on a public exchange.

In the past decade investments in private equity and venture capital spendings increased tremendously. It means that ever more money is used to invest in startups, small- and medium sized companies (SMEs) and other private ventures.

Among other reasons, this is due to the fact that private equity outperformed publicly available stocks. According to the Cambridge Associates (2019) private equity investments outperformed the S&P 500 by a little more than 29% over the course of 25 years! However, most individuals (retail investors) didn't have access to these opportunities.

Finally, this has changed.


CHF 16'000'000+

More than 14 million Swiss Francs invested from more than 1'602 investors via our ecosystem.


Mean yearly change* of price per share from companies shown in the Portfolio App.

*Referring to the top 10 companies by market cap. Past performance does not predict future performance. Read our disclaimer for further information.


US private equity outperformance compared to the S&P 500 over 25 years.*

*US Private Equity index and selected benchmark statistics, 31 December 2019,
Cambridge Associates.

959 🦄

The global unicorn count is up 69% from 2020.

Investment Opportunities

Important information: Read our disclaimer before taking any investment decisions.


Vidby AG

Founded in: 2021
Ticker: VIDS
Sector: IT services with AI
Price: CHF 22.63
Performance: + 89%

Farmy AG

Founded in: 2014
Ticker: EGGS
Sector: Food & Beverages
Price: CHF 13.05
Performance: + 0%

DillySocks AG

Founded in: 2013
Ticker: DILYS
Sector: Sustainable Fashion
Price: CHF 0.91
Performance: + 10%
You're still early!
Only few Swiss Startups and SMEs have tokenized their shares yet.
Now remember that 99% percent of all Swiss companies belong to this category. This means that more than 100'000 companies are about to follow Farmy's lead in the coming weeks and months.
In fact, it's not unlikely that a new company tokenized their shares right now!

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