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A 2% inflation results in a loss of buying power of CHF 1'797.- after ten years.*

Currently, Switzerland's inflation is at 2.6%.

- Swissinfo

*If you start with CHF 10'000.-

Inflation sucks

But it's not a dead end.

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Investing in private equity is one of the strategies that asset managers rely on to diversify a portfolio and protect the hard earned cash of their clients.

However, you might not be wealthy enough to afford a personal asset manager, nor would you know where to start.

That's why our free token ticker alerts you and summarizes all available opportunities.

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Peach Zwyssig, Founder and investor

Everybody can become an early stage tech investor with 3 clicks and starting with 100 CHF.


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Did you know that only 1% of Swiss companies are listed on a public exchange?

This means that you miss out on 99% of opportunities hiding in private.

With our free token ticker, we put a spotlight on an ever growing amount of private Swiss companies that offer their shares online but are not listed on any centralized exchange.


David Christen, Co-founder and investor

It's 50x faster and 10x more convenient than the classic angel investment process.



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Concepts like defi, tokenized shares, blockchain, self-custody, and security tokens bear many opportunities for investors but sound intimidating at first.

That's why our free token ticker breaks down these concepts for you, so you can take full advantage of self-custody, permissionless access and all the other opportunities that await you in the world of defi.

Your network is your net worth

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Growing your network not only benefits your professional but also your personal life.

But getting started can be difficult.

In our free newsletter, we not only share with you the latest unlisted Swiss companies but also invite you to our investor events that are specifically tailored to connect founders, wealth managers, and networking enthusiasts with you.

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The quality of projects coming out is definitely one we want to keep looking at as investors.


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